Spreading the Message Through Common Art Forms

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When we let our talents speak louder than our words, we can cause an influence over others. Different art forms such as poetry, comedy, sports, etc. are all ways we can spread positivity to those around us.

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Alma Campos

Producer: Shirmeen A.


Ibrahim Jaaber Color Me Muslim

G.I.Jaaber is the quintessential renaissance man - a 5 star general - and proof that the capacity of the human being is amazing when he decides to believe in his own potential. However, he does not attribute any of his own achievements to his own efforts or ability. The reality is that success is written for us all but in order to attain it you have to endure everything that precedes it- Hardship, sacrifice, disappointment, physical mental and spiritual strain. And through all of that you must be humble enough to embrace your flaws and stubborn enough to keep moving forward at all times. That is the spiritual balance that produced a pro baller, an internationally recognized spoken word poet, a youth mentor and activist for truth and justice and of course an entrepreneur with his eyes set on leaving behind a legacy that inspires others believe.


[Background image by: Dave Hancock, https://flic.kr/p/dyBDjm]

Najla Jaaber Color Me Muslim

Najla Jaaber is a poet pursuing her masters in family and marriage counseling. She is also a youth activist working in Dawah and a passionate mother of three children. 



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