Ep. 768 Arab Not White: 2020 Census

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author Ep. 768 Arab Not White: 2020 Census

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Tariq (El-Amin) talks with Nareman Taha and Itedal Shalabi, founders of Arab American Family Services (AAFS) about their involvement with the 2020 Census. Currently, Illinois stands to lose $1,400 per individual, in addition to Congressional representation due to uncounted individuals. Nareman and Itedal share AAFS’s approach to assuage the hesitancy, and fears, of undocumented persons in the census taking process, as well as plans to have a Middle Eastern North African (MENA) box on the 2030 census.


Guest:Itedal Shalabi

Guest:Nareman Taha

Host/Producer: Tariq I. El-Amin

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid



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Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Producer: Tariq El Amin


Itedal Shalabi Arab American Family Services

Itedal Shalabi co-founded Arab American Family Services (AAFS) in 2001 and officially received the title of Executive Director in mid-2005. Under her leadership and management, AAFS served 8,543 families in 2014, impacting over 34,303 individuals. Ms. Shalabi earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the Jane Addams College of Social Work. Ms. Shalabi is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for her expertise on issues impacting women and children. Ms. Shalabi was appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Domestic Violence and named to the Mayor of Chicago’s Advisory Council on Domestic Violence. She is also a Board Member of the Illinois Coalition against Domestic Violence and an advisory board member to the National Network for Arab American Communities. Additionally, Ms. Shalabi is an Advisory member of the Cook County Department of Public Health; Member of the Governor’s Language Access Task Force; Member of the Muslim American Advisory Council to the Governor; and previously sat on the Mosque Foundation Board member and Universal School Board. Ms. Shalabi serves on boards and committees as part of a strategic effort to build bridges of communication and resources between Arab/Muslim and mainstream organizations, institutions and governmental agencies.

Nareman Taha Arab American Family Services

Nareman Taha is the Co-Founder / Co-Director at Arab American Family Services


Arab American Family Services (AAFS), a nonprofit social service agency founded in 2001, provides caring, compassionate assistance to (South Suburban) Chicagoland residents, with special sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic needs of Arab Americans. AAFS offers support in the areas of public benefits, immigration, domestic violence, mental health, and elderly services and sponsors outreach programs to build healthier families and communities. As a locally focused, nonpolitical and nonreligious agency, AAFS takes a leading role in building bridges respect and understanding between Arab-American and mainstream-American cultures. We not only assist Arab speakers in their native language and dialect, we are increasingly recognized by government agencies and other nonprofits as the best local resource for cultural exchange and translation services. AAFS serves as a catalyst for social change by actively seeking to confront the myths and taboos that have kept some Arab Americans from obtaining the assistance they need. By helping local neighbors overcome personal crisis, strengthen their families, and live healthier, more successful lives, Arab American Family Services is making a profound and positive impact in our community.


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