Ep. 763 The Impact of Sports Analytics

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author Ep. 763 The Impact of Sports Analytics

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Now, more than ever, statistics seem to occupy as permanent space in the debates of "casual sports fans." Arguments over who the better player is/was increasingly finds stats, for categories,that weren't even thought of 20 years ago, as major parts of the conversations. Helping us to make some sense of the rise of the numbers is Tariq K. Simpkins, a self-professed sports fanatic, and a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where he majored in Economics, and took a special interest in Sports Economics.


Guest: Tariq K. Simpkins

Host/Producer: Tariq I. El-Amin

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid



Beat.dowsing - bones - http://bit.ly/2x2GdIe

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Producer: Tariq El Amin


Tariq Simpkins


Tariq Simpkins, earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University, where he took courses in sports economics. He’s a self-professed sports fanatic with a long history of engagement with sports: from swimming lessons as a 6 month old, to participating in organized sports in highschool and beyond, he remains actively engaged with all manner of sports.



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