8 Ways an Individual Can Fight Islamophobia

Posted: Apr. 02, 2015
US & World

By Abdul Malik Mujahid

1. Name the problem: Islamophobia.

If you cannot name it, you cannot fight it. That is why anti-Muslim groups are making serious efforts to persuade others not to use the term Islamophobia. Associated Press dropped the use of the term under that pressure a couple of years ago. Make sure the term Islamophobia is used by you and others to describe all sorts of hate speech and hate crimes against Islam and Muslims.

2. Always equate Islamophobia with racism and anti-Semitism.

They all are fruits of the same tree of hate.

3. Connect with the media personally.

Letters to the Editor is often the most read section in a newspaper. Even if it is not published, your letter is read and counted. Our friends in media tell us that they receive hundreds of negative letters and calls when they have a positive story about Islam or Muslims, while hardly any Muslim calls to appreciate or respond to good articles. Note that not all media or all non-Muslims support Islamophobia. Many have actively condemned torture, bombing, and occupation.

4. Online forums: Hate is thriving on online forums.

Whenever you see a positive article, make sure that you spend some time posting positive comments and engaging in conversations.

5. Request your local library to purchase good books about Islam and Muslims.

Does your library contain books which share your perspectives, or does it only have the hatemongers’ books only.

6. Report, report, report.

Report each incident of Islamophobia you, your family, or friends encounter. Even small ones. While Muslims are the number one victims of hate in America, we rarely report it. The result is that the FBI’s national statistics report anti-Semitism, which is equally wrong, to be a bigger problem than Islamophobia.

7. Thank those who speak out or act against Islamophobia.

A quick call, even leaving a message and/or a two-line email message are sufficient.

8. Make Dua for the enemy.

May Allah guide the hatemongers. The Prophet made Dua for the enemy, pleading with Allah to have mercy on them because they do not know, therefore, they need to be guided.