Summer Z: Mommy League

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In the first two segments we talk with Summer Zehra who provides invaluable assistance to women as a Case Manager with ICNA relief and founder of the Mommy League. We also talk with Summer about her invention, the Everybag, which she developed out of necessity to keep up with the travel demands of her growing family. Keep up with Summer on IG @SummerZ78 and @myeverybag.

Learn more about ICNA programs and services at


Up next we have the weekly Jobs Report with Kimberly S. Pearson of the Chicago Urban league.


We close out with a short commentary on the Rickett's Islamophobic email scandal and ask the question "will the fans care?"


Guest-Summer Zehra; Kimberly S. Pearson

Host/Producer/Engineer- Tariq I. El-Aminn

Co-Producer-Ibrahim Baig

Executive Producer- Abdul Malik Mujahid



Beat.dowsing - bones -

Antony Raijekov - By the Coast (2004) -


Manuele Atzeni - La Nuit -



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