The Tea Project Series: Episode 1

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author Photo: By Vanderdecken - Author's original own work., Public Domain,

Show Summary:

Tune in to the first episode of the Tea Project series as we bring you an exciting lineup of guests for the next few weeks! These guests are working together to uncover and share with us the beautiful stories that tie people together and are unknown within the military histories.

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Saimah Shareef

Producer: Saimah Shareef


Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes is an artist, activists/organizer, teacher, and Iraq War veteran, whose work seeks out poetics, connections, and moments of beauty, in order to construct new languages and meanings out of personal and collective traumas. He uses these new languages and meanings to create projects that deconstruct systems of dehumanization and oppression. 

He works with a variety of art, veteran, and activist organizations and projects including: Warrior Writers Project, Dirty Canteen, National Veterans Art Museum, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, and Center for Artistic Activism. He has shown his work throughout the United States and internationally in museums and galleries to include: Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Maruki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; School of Visual Arts Museum, New York, NY; Open Engagement, Portland, OR; Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon; Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA; The Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI; among other locations. He received The Claire Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists for his work on the Tea Project.



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Amber Ginsburg

Together with collaborators, Amber Ginsburg creates site-generated projects and social sculpture that insert historical scenarios into present day situations. Her background in craft orients her projects towards the continuities and ruptures in material, social, and utopic histories. She teaches in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago. 

Her research-based multimedia installations have been shown in museums and galleries including: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN; The Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburg, PA; World Ceramic Biennale, Korea; KunstTREFFpunkt, Darmstadt, Germany; Artsonje, Seoul, Korea; Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA and the Bristol Biennial, England.

Kathy Kelly Voices for Creative Nonviolence

As a guest of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, Kathy has lived alongside ordinary Afghan people in a working class neighborhood in Kabul. She most recently traveled to Kabul in May and June of 2015. She and her companions with Voices for Creative Nonviolence believe that where you stand determines what you see.  They oppose all forms of war, and try to help educate people about the cost of war and "the price" of peace.  On April 21st Kelly was released from federal prison after serving a three month sentence for non-violently protesting drone warfare at Whiteman AFB which operates weaponized drones in Afghanistan.

She has lived in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and immediately following Israel's Pillar of Cloud attacks on Gaza. As a member of international peace teams, she has traveled to Sarajevo, Lebanon, the West Bank and Iraq.  She lived in Iraq throughout the "Shock and Awe" bombing and traveled there 27 times between 1996 and 2003 to break the economic sanctions against Iraq.

In 1988, she was sentenced to one year, served in a maximum security prison, for planting corn on nuclear weapon sites. 

Since 1981, as a war tax refuser, she has successfully refused all payment of federal income tax, primarily through lowering her income beneath the taxable level.


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