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When we turn on the water faucet, more times than not, we take for granted that the water rushing out is safe for us to drink. In this episode we're joined by Water Expert James Van Camp (Parliament of World Religions Climate Action Taskforce) about water safety and treatment, delivery, cost, and more. Yes. We get his thoughts on the Flint, Michigan water crises as well.

Guest- James Van Camp
Host/Producer- Tariq I. El-Amin
Engineer- Ibrahim Baig
Executive Producer- Abdul Malik Mujahid

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Tariq I. El-Amin


James Van Camp

James Van Camp continues his long career as a innovator in the sciences associated with the uses of water and the various systems for chemical and mechanical treatment and preservation and conservation.  During his more than twenty years experience with and within some of world’s largest and technically advanced providers and users of water he has acquired a broad knowledge and understanding of the successes and the failings of efforts to change behaviors and practices in response to the increasing reality that the Earth’s climate has and is changing as a result of man-driven activities over the last several centuries.


Water and energy are inescapably linked, and trying to manage one without affecting the other is impossible, so James has been researching technologies that exist that could be brought to bear at the interface between the two.  And given the experience gained from sales and marketing of solutions to water issues, James can reduce the science to dollars and cents, advancing new technologies in ways that make sense and validate actions that have the potential to not only reduce damage to the climate, but are small and manageable enough to be practical and possible for institutions and facilities to deploy within any for-profit or NFP organization.  Success in reducing complex scientific concepts about water and its many uses to layman's “sales-speak” has been of particular interest to James, who loves to travel in that corridor between right brain and left brain thinking.


James was raised in the Presbyterian Church, educated in a small liberal arts college associated with the Evangelical United Brethren in Pennsylvania, relocated from New Jersey to Illinois in 1982 and was gifted to be married to a woman who chose to become clergy and has served congregations and McCormick Seminary and as a couple have been representatives with Ecumenism Metro Chicago since its founding in 1999.


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