America's Shifting Tolerance For Torture

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We're joined by Joseph Margulies, a Civil Rights Attorney, Professor at Cornell University, and Author of several books including: What Changed When Everything Changed: 9/11 and the Making of National Identity. In this episode we discuss the recent confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA Director, and the American response to torture. Haspel is a 33 year veteran of the agency, and the first woman to hold the post of Director. Her appointment was opposed by many, including Senator John McCain, due to her involvement and oversight of torture committed at a "Black site" in Thailand.


Key points to listen for: deliberative democracy; shifting morality; maximum transparency.


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Guest- Joseph Margulies

Host- Tariq I. El-Amin

Producer/Engineer-Ibrahim Baig

Executive Producer-Abdul Malik Mujahid



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Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Producer: Ibrahim Baig


Joseph Margulies

Joseph Margulies is a professor of Law and Government at Cornell Univerisity. As an attorney, he fought against government black sites and indefinite detention in cases such as Rasul v. Bush. His book What Changed When Everything Changed: 9/11 and the Making of National Identity (Yale 2013) covers tranformational events in American attidutes.


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