Resistance And Oppression

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The propgram opens with recognition of the first observance of "International Day of Living Together in Peace", recently enacted by UN General-Assembly resolution 72/130. You can read the resolution in its entirety at


In this episode, host Tariq and guest (former Radio Islam host) Frederick Al-Deen have an uninterrupted, wide ranging, discussion; they discuss non-violent resistance being met with state-sanctioned violence, how oppressed people become oppressors, the Palestenian right of return, victim mindsets, civic engagement and more.


Guest- Frederick Al-Deen

Host/Producer- Tariq I. El-Amin

Engineer- Ibrahim Baig

Executive Producer- Abdul Malik Mujahid



Ant the Symbol - Browns Island -

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Producer: Tariq El Amin


Frederick Thaufeer al-Deen Urban Mediation and Arbitration, LLC

Besides heading his own arbitration firm, Imam Frederick is also a linguist and former prison chaplain. He has been a chaplain at the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Marion, Illinois and Leavenworth, Kansas penitentiaries. Frederick has co-authored the book, "Questions of Faith for Muslim Inmates," a historic text about the radicalism of Muslims in prisons. Frederick has also been published in The Journal of Islamic Law and Culture and hosts a weekly program on Thursdays here on Radio Islam. Al-Deen holds a masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma (American Institutions and Processes, Political Science and Public Administration.) His undergraduate studies were in the areas of Secondary Education, French and Spanish. Al-Deen was born Frederick Keith in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1950s and converted to Islam in 1976.     

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