American Arabs as "The Others"

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Join us as we feature Iraqi-American Director of American Arab, Usama Alshaibi and Matthew Stiffler - Research and Content Manager at the Arab American National Museum - as they discuss contemporary American Arab identity and how it has changed in recent years.

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Janaan Hashim

Producer: Saimah Shareef


Matthew Stiffler Arab American National Museum

Matthew Jaber Stiffler is the Research and Content Manager at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, MI, where he oversees the development of the archives and library as well as leads the AANM’s community outreach and racial equity work. Matthew is also a lecturer in American Culture at the University of Michigan, where he earned his PhD in 2010. His scholarly work explores the relationship between religious, cultural, and political identities of Arab Americans. He is the author of multiple articles about Arab American identity. His work is inspired by growing up in a Lebanese Christian community in Pennsylvania.   

Usama Alshaibi

Usama Alshaibi was born in Baghdad, Iraq and spent his formative years living between the United States and the Middle East. His films have screened at underground and international film festivals across the globe. Feature articles have been written about his work in such places as the Chicago Tribune, Time Out, Punk Planet and Variety. His latest documentary, American Arab, had a world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and has secured domestic and international distribution. The film has been broadcast internationally and will have its national television premiere on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at 8 p.m. on WORLD Channel as part of the fourth season of AMERICA REFRAMED.


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