Politicizing Death; Stage Performance

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Social Issues
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Show Summary:

Host Tariq I. El-Amin talks about how some types of disaster are emphasized in the news and treated differently than others. In the second half, Zakiyyah El-Amin calls in and talks about an upcoming dramatic performance.


Guest: Zakiyyah El-Amin

Host & Producer: Tariq I. El-Amin

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid


Listen to Episode 436 on SoundCloud



Lessazo - Moussa - bit.ly/2wHdV6z

Manuele Atzeni - La Nuit - bit.ly/2sUDn71

The Kyoto Connection - Voyagge II - Satori - bit.ly/2tOCFEP

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Tariq I El-Amin


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