Dealing With The Downpour Of Stress During Exam Season

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As exams roll around the corner, students start experiencing the stress and anxiety associated with them. Tune in to hear how some students deal with the stress and what techniques they use to study effectively.

Guest: Simrah Khaleel, Junior at Hoffman Estates High School
Guest: Safia Siddiqui, Junior at Elmhurst College
Guest: Ali Shareef, Senior at Barrington High School
Guest: Dr. Fahad Khan, Deputy Director and Psychologist at Khalil Center

Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Janaan Hashim

Producer: Shirmeen A.


Ali Shareef Barrington High School

Ali Shareef is a Senior at Barrington High School. He is also a hafiz as he has memorized the Holy Quran. He will be graduating this year and attending Harper College with an Undecided major as of now.


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Fahad Khan Khalil Center

Dr. Fahad Khan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences. He is also a Hafiz of the Qur’an (having committed the entire Qur’an to memory) and has studied Islamic studies with various scholars in the Muslim world and the US. He serves as the Deputy Director at Khalil Center and a professor at Concordia University Chicago's graduate school. He is also a student at Darul Qasim continuing his Arabic and Islamic Studies and serves on the Editorial Board for Muslim World Affairs, an online peer-reviewed journal. He has conducted research studies on help-seeking attitudes of Muslim Americans as well as the effects of Acculturation & Religiosity on Psychological Distress. The primary focus of his clinical training has been with children and adolescents suffering from serious mental illnesses.  

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Safia Siddiqui Elmhurst College

Safia Siddiqui is 19 years old and currently a junior at Elmhurst College. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Medical Humanities. Her plans for the future include attending medical school at A.T. Still University in order to pursue a career as an osteopathic physician. She enjoys spending time with her family and napping in her free time.


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Simrah Khaleel Hoffman Estates High School

Simrah Khaleel is a Junior at Hoffman Estates High School. In addition to completing the academic endeavors of an average junior, Simrah is also a member of her school’s track team. She hopes to pursue a college education and career in the field of psychology as a Psychologist, specifically for young adolescents and children.


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