How Can We as an Ummah (Muslim Community) Challenge Our Perceptions of Disabilities

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Good conversation on the challenges many with disabilities face within our Masjids and public spaces from difficulty to making wudu, to not being able to attend services or get into the building, to having people give hurtful looks. MUHSEN rises to educate masjids on how they can be serving to all.

Guest: Omer Zaman
Guest: Joohi Tahir
Host: Wahaj Khan
Co-Host: Olivia Richardson
Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

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Executive Producer: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Host(s): Janaan Hashim

Producer: Olivia Richardson


Joohi Tahir MUHSEN: Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs

Over the span of her 20 year career, Joohi Tahir has had vast exposure in the field of Sales & Marketing across a wide variety of industries: Retail Buying, Strategic Planning & Research, Brand Management, Sales & Sales Training, and Customer Loyalty & Retention. Joohi developed market positioning strategies and led a team approach to always advocate as the voice of the customer — always marketing to serve a need. After serving as a Buyer of Women’s Apparel and a Strategic Market Planning Manager at the largest catalog company in the country, she followed another path. Through conviction and hard work, and a strong desire to serve her community, Joohi focused her efforts and skills toward the Halal market. She has worked in Sales & Marketing roles for companies like Al-Safa Halal and Guidance Residential, LLC and most recently, served as Vice President, Marketing for Crescent Foods, Chicago, where she played a vital role in the vision and mission of the company to take Halal to Mainstream America. Speaking globally on the subject, she has been an invited speaker at Global events in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, and the UK.

Aside from her corporate, professional accomplishments, her personal passion to advocate for Muslims with Disabilities has led to her appointment as Executive Director of a revolutionary newly launched nonprofit organization founded by Sheikh Omar Suleiman called MUHSEN: Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs. With her own family being affected by disability, Joohi has been outspoken over the past 13 years, specifically about inclusion for her daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum. She started with small community initiatives, talks, and support groups, then a masjid event in another state, leading up to speaking to our Masjid Administrators and mainstream scholars about the need for our communities to be more aware and be made more accessible for our loved ones with disabilities. The goal of MUHSEN is to provide a “Special Friendly” environment and build “Masjids of Ihsan” which will be welcoming and caring environments for all. Whether physical, neurological, or cognitive disability, we are collectively responsible for caring for these individuals and including them in our communities. As a leader of this organization, Joohi advocates and markets the needs for which MUHSEN will build programs and services across North America. With these efforts, MUHSEN strives to eventually re-mosque so many families who have become un-mosqued through awareness, accommodation, and acceptance for all. Now serving a very underserved new marked and being their voice, Joohi lives in Naperville, IL with a very supportive husband, and is the busy mother of three daughters. 

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Omer Zaman Mushen

Brother Omer Zaman has been an active volunteer on the Muhsen team since 2015. He was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy in 2003, known as miyoshi myopathy. This particular dystrophy is known as a distal muscular dystrophy impacting his arms and legs, which has ultimately led to the use of a wheelchair. Over the past 13 years, Omer has gone on to complete his education with a bachelor's in finance from DePaul University, is currently working in corporate America and most importantly, he is a father of two boys and has  been married for over 10 years.

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