8 Eid day mood boosters

Posted: Jul. 16, 2015

It’s amazing how Eid can go from exciting to exacerbating in just seconds. All it takes is for just one person to react angrily or decide to sulk for the rest of the day and the whole atmosphere is ruined.

While we can’t change a person’s temperament or bad habits in a day, we can try to plan ahead to avoid those things or situations which set them off. Here are some simple ways to have a happier holiday this year.

1. Get enough sleep the night before Eid

Sleep deprivation is a major source of stress. It triggers anger, frustration, and more. As tempting as it is to pull an all-nighter to make the house spotless, decorate lavishly, or for kids to have a pre-Eid pajama party, salvage your sanity by making sure everyone gets at least eight hours of rest the night before to head off any morning crankiness.

2. Eat a solid breakfast in the morning

Make sure everyone eats at least cereal if you aren’t planning a special Eid morning breakfast. Hunger is another stress-trigger you need to avoid to keep bad moods in check.

3. Pack snacks for later

Parents of small kids usually do this, but don’t neglect it for older family members as well. A pack of nuts, a couple of small apples, or cheese sticks are enough to stave off hunger until your Eid lunch feast.

4. Put gas in the car the night before

There is almost nothing as frustrating as racing to get into the car to get to Eid prayer on time, only to discover you’re running on empty. Fill up the night before to avoid this super stress-inducer.

5. Prepare clothes and accessories the night before

Have them hung up and ready to go for Eid morning to avoid any surprises of missing buttons, rips, or other repairs that need to be taken care of.

6. Be spontaneous, but have a plan B too, just in case

While it’s nice to do something surprising on Eid day, whether it’s a trip to a new restaurant or kids’ activity center, have a basic idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. Some level of predictability helps everyone stay upbeat, even those who enjoy the spontaneous.

7. Insist on showers the night before

While there will always be those who insist on a morning shower to start their day, the rest of the family that isn’t so particular about shower time should take their Eid day showers the night before to keep bathrooms free, and hot water available for all the morning of.

8. Sing or play the Takbir of Eid

Wake everyone up to it, sing or play it in the car on the way to prayer, and do the same coming back. Remembering Allah reminds us of why we’re celebrating and His remembrance uplifts us.