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Besting the Bully

Airdate: Nov. 04, 2014 Duration 00:59

The age-old issue of bullying seems to be getting increasingly worse with our kids suffering, in...

Should Your Muslim Identity Be A Private Matter?

Airdate: Dec. 01, 2014 Duration 00:56

Resist, Educate, Empower- Combating Forced Marriages

Airdate: Sep. 17, 2014 Duration 00:55

All Islamic scholars agree that a mandatory requirement in an Islamic marriage which cannot be waived...


Building A Green House of Worship

Posted Dec. 05, 2014

By Arwa Aburawa    From the concrete jungles of Manhattan to the dusty deserts of Mali, Muslims...

Statistics on Poverty & Food Wastage in America

Posted Dec. 04, 2014

By Samana Siddiqi    Poverty in America? One of the richest countries in the world?Yes, poverty...

Islam Against Racism and Prejudice: Islam's Manifesto of Universal Brotherhood of Human Beings

Posted Dec. 04, 2014

by Abdul Malik Mujahid    From the Quran"O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair)...

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