Women's Issues

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International Sex Trade: Modern Day Enslavement of Women and Children

Airdate: Mar. 23, 2007 Duration: 00:00

While some dynamics may have changed since this first broadcast in 2007, the fact remains that...

Remembering Tayyiba Taylor

Airdate: Sep. 05, 2014 Duration: 00:54

This special tribute show pays respect to the late Tayyiba Taylor who passed away unexpectedly in...

The Climate for Women on Campus

Airdate: Nov. 08, 2014 Duration: 00:59

This show touches on a very real issue of sexual harassment on college campuses, what schools...

The Muslim Community's Involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Airdate: Oct. 08, 2014 Duration: 00:55

Breast cancer crosses all boundaries created by man and team Radio Islam brings in the voices...

Challenges of Women Space in Masjids

Posted: Dec. 04, 2014

Last Friday, I was all set to give a Khutba about the need for Muslims to...