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18 Tips to Simplify Our Spending

Posted: Dec. 03, 2014

By Samana SiddiquiThe simplicity movement has swept across North America. People are sick of the rat...

Health Guidelines From Quran And Sunnah

Posted: Dec. 03, 2014

by Shahid Athar, M.D. This article is not about the glory of Islamic Medicine of past 1000...

Fundamentals of a Happy Marriage

Posted: Dec. 03, 2014

by Shahina SiddiquiFaith: The most basic and essential attribute of a Muslim marriage is the common...

25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Posted: Dec. 03, 2014

by Abdul Malik MujahidStress is life. Stress is anything that causes mental, physical, or spiritual tension....

Conquering "Marriage Boredom": 10 Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage

Posted: Dec. 03, 2014

by Samana SiddiquiYou've moved past that giddy "honeymoon phase" and settled into a comfortable lifestyle with...