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RadioIslam.com Plan Outline

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RadioIslam.com Plan Outline

Art and technology of Radio is old but still powerful and far less expensive than TV. Alhamdu lillah, in more than 250 North American cities, Muslims have a Radio program on air through out the USA and Canada. Most of these programs are weekly. Mostly masjids devote their resources to buy air time and then play whatever free material they can find to air. None of them have enough resources to do quality programing by hiring professional staff who is trained to take advantage of the media. That is where RadioIslam.com can help.

What is the Plan?
Sound Vision Foundation would like to achieve the following goals through RadioIslam.com project.
1. Develop quality programing for the web radio
2. Make this programing available without cost to cities where Muslims already have a religious or cultural radio show on air.
3. Engage young Muslim talent through training workshops, internships, and by sharing know how to participate in creative programing for radio.

Background Information:
Positive Muslim-non-Muslim interaction has never been as important as today. Alhamdu lillah, Muslims have started to realize that we must stop talking at people about Islam and instead converse with our neighbors meaningfully. But here’s the problem: Muslims often lack the time, talent, and money to do so.

We at Sound Vision, a pioneer in Islamic media whose programs have been praised by Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide, have a solution.

Television would seem like the best way to engage in positive dialog. But this would require $300 million to do it right. With the community’s current state, raising this amount is time consuming and difficult.

This is why radio is the most effective way to build bridges of understanding. Muslims in North America have radio programs in over 250 cities. But since most of them present only speeches, they do not develop meaningful Muslim-non-Muslim interaction.

Sound Vision would like to offer our radio programs which feature Islamic songs by artists like Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Yusuf Islam, talk radio, and much more for free to Muslim radio shows in North America. These have engaged Muslim and non-Muslim listeners in a positive way when they first aired on our website RadioIslam.com.

The added bonus of this project is that Muslims will be able to demand air time on public radio stations equal to that of Christian and Jewish groups. All of these programs will also be available on RadioIslam.com.

According to a survey done by a Muslim professor of communication, Muslim youth choose proper use of media by Muslims a top priority .

What are the features/programs?
• Talk shows with Muslim and non-Muslim experts with call in facility
• News and analysis which brings a unique perspective missing from the mainstream media.
• Songs by Muslim singers and other singers of quality content
• How to's and tips for which SoundVision.com is known for
• Interviews with experts in bridgebuilding, mediation, human relations,
• History moment: short vocal dramatization with sound effects
• Story telling: Stories are a great Eastern connection with the West.

RADIOISLAM.COM info@SoundVision.com

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