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Muslim Beat

Sit back with a cup of java for thirty minutes of listening pleasure by various Muslim Singers from around the world.

4 News & Muslim Views
· Intellectual Tradition
· Search for Truth
· Economic Injustice
4 Public Affairs
· Taking to the Streets
· Writer's Pen
· American Legal System
4 Family Matters
· Saving Muslim Marriages
Raising Muslim Youth
Financial Stress
4 Mitchell's Minutes
· Being Angry
· You are in Control
· Do Something Positive
4 Desert Reflections
· Far Better Teachers
· Desert Rules
· Native Culture
4 The Bilal's Speak
· An American Lesson
· In God We Trust
· Bloodline
4 Scholars' Views
· Diseases of the heart
· The Islamic Personality
· Journey to Islam
4 Poet's Pen
· Ramadan Sonnets - 1
· Ramadan Sonnets - 2
· Ramadan Sonnets - 3
4 Writer's Pen
· Death In Oklahama
· King Lion & his Rival
· Alauddin & Magic Lamp
4 Life With Ann
· The First Contact
· Role of Internet
· Jesus Enters the picture
4 Listen to Songs!
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Myna Raps's "Jihad of the 'Nafs," Inner Struggle album
  Qatrunnada, Jordanian, Waiting for the Certainty CD
Irfan Makki & Dawud W. Ali's "Light Upon Light," Light Upon Light CD
Mustaqiim Sahir's "Allahu Akbar," Upright CD
"Dear People of Kosovo," The Letter CD
"The Letter," Dawud W. Ali, The Letter CD
"Burim," Dawud W. Ali, The Letter CD
Arabie Nasheed by Nojoum

Program Thirty: Voice of the Heart

Mustaqiim Sahir's "Allah Knows ," Come and Join the Family of ISNA CD
  Qatrunnada, Indonesia, Allah, the Highest CD
Myna Raps's "LabaykAllah," Internal Struggle album
Mustaqiim Sahir's "Islamic Wave," Come and Join the Family of ISNA CD
Dawud W. Ali's "Sing, Children of the World," The Colors of Islam CD
Myna Raps's "I Only Fear Allah," The Next Level album
Qatrunnada, Voice of the Heart album
Muslim Beat Archive

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· Dawud Wharnsby Ali
Listen to the inspirations behind the songs of recording artists Dawud Wharnsby Ali.

· Irfan Makki
Listen to Irfan Makki discuss the inspiration and meaning behind the nasheeds Light Upon Light and When the Leaves Begin to Fall from the Light Upon Light CD.

· Shireen Patel
Listen to Sireen Patel discuss the meaning of her poem Doomsday from the Light Upon Light CD.

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