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Under the umbrella and financial support of Sound Vision Foundation, RadioIslam.com launched its first show December 14, 1999 with the goal of providing cyberspace a high quality, informative and creative Internet radio broadcast. Many have followed the lead of RadioIslam.com, but we remain the original Muslim broadcast to offer more than Quran and khutbas, but also daily programs, nasheed programs, stories, interviews and more.

The Team
Executive Producer:
Abdul Malik Mujahid

Senior Producer:

Production Team:
Camille Irvine
Jawad Jafry

Sunday-Jamila Firdausee
Monday-Frederick Al-Deen
Tuesday-Janaan Hashim
Wednesday-Imran Husain
Thursday-Aminah McCloud
Friday-Ayesha Mustafaa
Saturday-Adam Ghazi/Salman Azam

Islamic Beat Producer:
Nadia Hajjar and Samreen Akhram

World Affairs Producer:

Hiba Ghalib

Technical Director:

Ahmed Murad

Support Staff:

Samana Siddiqui

Sound Vision Foundation

Who We Are
Sound Vision Foundation is a not for profit organization working for the following goals:

a.) To facilitate practice and the establishment of the religion of Islam in the individual and collective life of our community.
b.) To present Islam as the Quran and the Prophet presented it to those who do not believe in Islam.
c.) To develop Islamic educational curriculum and material.
d.) To develop educational programs on all media for the propagation of the religion of Islam.

Taking Small Steps in the Right Direction
America not only leads the world in communication, it also ranks among the best places for Muslims to develop their own dynamic media. The Muslims of America are particularly well suited to lead the Ummah in both the science and art of modern communication. Sound Vision has recognized the potential worldwide impact Muslims can have by sharing the message of Islam in a pleasing and professional manner. We are among the select few who have embraced this challenge and, with the help of Almighty Allah, we intend to remain at the vangurad of Islamic Communications.

Sixteen years ago, Sound Vision was established as North America's first Islamic communication organization amidst the painful realization that, like the rest of society, the attitudes, habits and values of Muslims were being molded by the media. What's more, the tremendous opportunity to use technology to spread the message of Islam in this part of the world was virtually being ignored. Sound Vision was established as a non-profit entity with the mandate to develop quality educational programs for Muslims and non-Muslims in a variety of media.

Board of Directors
Abdul Malik Mujahid, President
Haseeb Akhtar, Director
Taufiq Ahmad, Director
Muhammad Fuad Lashkarwala, Director
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Riaz, Director

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